Take the Pledge

If you agree that the world needs the creation of Discrimination Free Zones, then we urge you to get involved and join the conversation!  For Facebook, click on the facebook button, copy and paste the pledge onto the blank space at the top of the page, and then hit “share link”.  For twitter, simply click on the twitter button.

I pledge not to discriminate against others because they are different from me. Join the movement. #dfreezone

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Take the pledge and it will appear on your Facebook and Twitter pages, thereby, quickly and easily alerting everyone in your social circle that you pledge not to discriminate against any individuals or groups based on race, color, gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, age, or disability, and that you will be offended if others take such actions in your presence.

Create your own Discrimination Free Zone

Create your own Discrimination Free Zone and demonstrate that you are offended by discrimination.  You can create your zone by proudly wearing wristbands, shirts, hoodies and hats displaying this important message, or you can also display signs or stickers letting others know your stance on this issue. With the formation of each new Discrimination Free Zone, we come closer to ending discrimination, thereby eliminating the damaging judgments and harmful actions that can follow.

Create Your Zone

Share your zone

We encourage you to post photos on your social media pages (and please tag us!) of you and the people in your life wearing or displaying products that promote the Discrimination Free Zone message. Do you have an inspiring story to share with us about unity, equality, or acceptance?  Please share these stories with us!  Share your thoughts and photos and converse with us on social media using #dfreezone on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. By sharing our experiences and promoting Discrimination Free Zones throughout the world, together we can foster an environment consisting of unity, equality and acceptance for everyone.

Share Your Zone