A world free of discrimination

We aim to end discrimination against any individuals or groups of people based on race, color, gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, age, or disability through the creation of Discrimination Free Zones throughout the world.  These Discrimination Free Zones are always peaceful, and they inform others that discrimination will be offensive to us and that we will not participate in any actions in which such sentiments are included.

We promote our message with branded wristbands, shirts, hats, signs, posters, stickers and other items that individuals wear, carry or display to show their support for this movement.  By wearing or displaying the message you are creating your own Discrimination Free Zone.  As our branded products become noticeable everywhere, individuals who wish to spread hate and judgment against others will come to realize that a willing audience for such damaging and offensive behavior disappears.  Consequently, the attitudes will stop and, as a result, so too will the damaging behaviors and actions that can follow.

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Future generations

The biggest gift we can give our children and future generations is to enable them to live in a world that knows only one race – the human race, is color blind regarding the color of individuals, believes in equality for all genders, makes no distinctions based on nationality, passes no judgments based on religious beliefs, does not judge a person based on their age, accepts individuals regardless of their sexual orientation and believes that individuals with disabilities should not be defined by their disabilities.

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Working together

By forming Discrimination Free Zones worldwide we will put an end to discrimination.  Once this sentiment is removed from society’s lexicon, the bias, prejudice, and judgments will cease to exist as a result.  Through the creation of Discrimination Free Zones, the audience for discrimination will disappear, thereby eliminating the damaging judgments and harmful actions that can follow. Together we can foster an environment consisting of unity, equality and acceptance for everyone.

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Share Our Vision

You can get involved and show your support by wearing or displaying items and products bearing the Discrimination Free Zone message.  We also encourage you to take our pledge on your social media, and to post photos on your social media pages (and please tag us!) of you and the people in your life wearing or displaying products that promote this important message.  Every purchase in our shop is accompanied by a tag containing the Discrimination Free Zone Creed, which represents our mission and the core aspect of our message.  The Discrimination Free Zone Creed is:

“By wearing or displaying any of our items you are establishing a Discrimination Free Zone everywhere you go and pledging not to use discriminatory language against anyone based on race, color, gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, age, or disability. Additionally, you are informing others in advance that you will be offended by discriminatory comments.  With each new Discrimination Free Zone, we come closer to silencing hate, thereby eliminating the damaging judgments and harmful actions that can follow. Together we can foster an environment consisting of unity, equality and acceptance for everyone.”

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